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Culver City, CA 90232
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Watercolor Jim Chandler, Bonnie Barrett

Who we are

Jim Chandler is an aspiring artist and a life-long lover of the visual arts. His professional life is as a marketing executive specialziing in writing instruments and art supplies.

Bonnie Barrett is a graphic designer and teacher of art and design. Her passions include lettering and typography and all forms of visual art.

Welcome to
Thank you for visiting us.

Our wish is to provide a valulable service to you as an artist
and a lover of the visual arts.

ArtPoints is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of the visual arts. Artpoints informs, enlightens, considers and critiques the world of the visual arts.

Our observations encompass the worlds of art education, art associations, art museums, galleries, art tourism, publications and opportunities for artists.

Our calendar of opportunities is the most complete calendar on the web. It is the only one that consistently includes opportunities for students and young people as well as adults.

And often, we will tell you exactly what we think.

You can let us know exactly what you think by using the contact information to the left.


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